Nick Capretta is a Cleveland, Ohio-based designer, photographer and cinematographer specializing in digital media for commercial application.

Picking up my first camcorder at just 11 years old, I began like anyone else, making home movies with friends and family. My curiosity led me to building a more powerful computer and compositing visual effects in industry-standard video software. As I became more skilled behind the camera and on the computer, I began to receive requests for commercial work.

I rarely said no to opportunities, ultimately leading to the wide range of services I now offer. I ventured into photography, taught myself to code, and learned graphic design. Today, I offer services in video production, photography, web design, graphic design and branding.

My passion for what I do is evident in each project I work on. I look for new ways of doing things and stay on the cutting edge of design. My passion has lead me to Ohio University where I am a double major in business and Visual Communication with a focus of Interactive Design. I am always open for new projects, so please feel free to contact me below!



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